Performance Profile Evaluation
2-3 Hour Assessment

The best way to begin your journey to a higher level of endurance and athleticism with BreakAway is to establish a baseline. This evaluation will define your current fitness ability, and help you chart your training to achieve the best results possible. This assessment will examine:

  • Health history
  • Cardiovascular capability
  • Movement analysis
  • Core, upper/lower torso, glute strength, and flexibility
  • Percentage of body fat and power-to-weight ratio
  • VO2 metabolic test can be added at 40% of standard price

Members and guests, $150

Individual Strength Training Session (NASM CPT*)

Get the most from one-on-one training during your 60 minutes with a BreakAway specialist.  Learn to maximize strength through balanced muscular recruitment, increase your range of motion, and discover how best to bring about athletic development. Our programs are based on the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and OPT (Optimal Performance Training) model, and designed to take clients through the three phases of training: stabilization, strength, and power. 

Members and guests, $125

*Strength training with USAT or USAC coach and NASM CPT $150

Accelerator Small Group Training

Designed for the endurance athlete to optimize type-2 muscle fiber recruitment and develop, as well as improve speed, performance, metabolic rate, and muscular composition change.  Participants will experience 75 minutes of high intensity, constantly varied, functional exercises. Our programs are based on the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and OPT (Optimal Performance Training) model, designed to take clients through the three phases of training: stabilization, strength, and power.

Members and guests, $45. Packages available

BreakAway Performance Cycling Classes*

Utilizing Computrainer Multirider Software, these 90-minute coached sessions address the key variables necessary to increase power output, speed and endurance. Pedals are SPD (mtn) and Look Classic compatible. 

Members, $250 per month
Guests, $325 per month.

*Performance Cycling Classes require a performance assessment and introduction. This includes bike sizing, system orientation, and your choice of threshold diagnostic. Assessment should be scheduled before classes commence.  ($50–$300)

Strength Training Program Design

A BreakAway specialist will help create an eight-week strength training program, individualized to your current athletic ability, and mapped to get you exactly where you want to be in 56 days. Includes one 60- or 90-minute strength training session to get you started.

Members and guests, $200.

Multisport Coaching 

Zero-in on the specific sport of your choice and receive coaching designed around your personal prowess and goals in swimming, biking, or running. This one-on-one coaching program includes customized periodization to determine proper duration and intensity levels to optimize your training. You’ll also receive data and feedback outlining the most fortuitous path to improving in your sport. 

Members and guests, $275.

Group Race Training (GRiT)

Coached outdoors on local roads and venues during the weekends, GRiT training sessions will focus on swimming, biking, and running to help participants train for an event or to be as fit and healthy as a possible! This program is the perfect complement to our indoor training sessions. GRiT is included with monthly coaching packages.

Members and guests, $100 per month



Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Accurately determining the minimum number of calories your body needs to support its basic functions, this assessment is critical when trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Other benefits include:

  • Examining the effectiveness of your current exercise program
  • Discovering how many calories you burn at rest
  • Metabolism assessment
  • Guidelines to assist in reaching your goal-weight
  • Detecting over-training and fatigue

Members, $150 members | Guests, $175

VO2max Diagnostics

An indicator of your aerobic potential and an opportunity to see where you fall in the fitness spectrum, this test monitors oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide output as you reach your maximum exercise workload. From a training standpoint, participants should aim to increase the amount of power they can produce and sustain at threshold levels. This test can be conducted on bike or treadmill.

Members, $250 | Guests, $275 

Swim, Bike, Run, Video Analysis and Consultation

A breakdown of your stroke or stride technique to identify problem areas and highlight proper mechanics to help you decrease time and increase your strength and speed. During a 60-minute session, we will video your technique and then coach you on proper mechanics, kinetic balance, structural stability, muscular recruitment, and power production.

  • Swim: Video stroke and mechanics assessment
  • Run: Video stride and gate assessment 
  • Cycling: Pedal stroke analysis from Computrainer System™
  • Recommend exercises and stretches to enhance your performance

Members, $175 | Guests, $200

Nutrition Consultation

Meet with a certified BreakAway nutritionist for a 90-minute consultation to build a personalized program fine tuning your diet and maximizing your power-to-weight ratio. Consultation includes a food journal and mapping out exactly what meals to eat and when, so you can achieve your weight loss and strengthening goals.

Members, $200 | Guests, $225  



BreakAway is founded upon the premise that a proper bike fit is the most important aspect upon which to focus for optimal performance. A proper bike fit requires a careful mix of efficient biomechanics, aerodynamics, power development, and comfort. In fitting an athlete we have the technology and expertise to maximize all of these variables and to choose the best combination for the best fit. We perform this type of analysis for riders of all abilities. In order to properly fit an athlete on the bike, it is necessary to use numerous fitting tools. We not only utilize tape measures, plum lines, and goniometers, but we also have a large variety of specialized fitting tools at our disposal. These tools include special sizing stems for adjusting handlebar position, seatpost with varying degrees of layback, saddles of different shapes and sizes, handlebars and aero bars of different widths and configurations, Computrainers, proprietary software, lasers for tracking joint movement, and more. In fitting an athlete we bring to bear whatever tools are necessary to properly set up his or her bike, or help the athlete select an appropriate bike.

Bike Fit with Video Analysis

Comprehensive bike fit, consisting of anatomy measurements, flexibility, weight and frame type. Includes video and computer analysis.

Product Performance Consulting

BreakAway provides consulting services for fitness and cycling products. Specific to bike consulting, we provide information and education of different frame materials: Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Carbon and Hybrids. We also consult on evaluating yield strengths, tinsel strengths and geometries.



Our Multisports Clinics are designed to help athletes maximize their potential; to race faster, smarter, safer and stronger. You will learn all the skills necessary to strategize a race, attack when appropriate or throttle back to achieve your personal best. Whether you are competing with friends or in the lead pack, learn the skills that will help you reach your potential!Typical one-day clinics consist of the following:

  • One-hour in-studio session discussing strategy and technique
  • Discipline specific coaching and instruction
  • In-studio pedal stroke analysis and on-road video analysis (helmet cam) are also available (additional cost).

The following topics will be covered:

  • Ergonomics and biomechanics
  • Cadence – stroke efficiency
  • Heart rate training
  • Sports Psycholoty
  • Sports Nutrition / Hydration
  • Training with power
  • Bike fit
  • Strength & conditioning


How efficient is your pedal stroke? Are you recruiting all the necessary muscles to make round full strokes? You have been riding for some time now. You feel smooth, and your friends think you look good on the bike, but are you actually pedaling correctly? Riding longer with less effort is easily accomplished when you apply power throughout your entire pedal stroke. Our pedal stroke analysis service can help you understand how to achieve the ultimate pedal stroke.

A proper, smooth, pedal stroke is an integral part of efficient cycling. In order to be a proficient cyclist, you need to do more than produce high wattage numbers. You must smoothly transfer those watts to the pedals in order to ride as efficiently as possible. Pedaling smoothly is not as easy as it appears and requires training, instruction, practice, coordination, strength, and drills (not to mention a well fitting bike).

Using the Computrainer SpinScan, we work with you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your pedal stroke using instruction, training, and drills. The SpinScan is a complex piece of software that graphically depicts your pedal stroke and gives data points which reflect various measures of efficiency, including left-right power distribution and roundness of the pedal stroke. The duration of this service is 60–90 minutes.



Integrated Flexibility Techniques (IFT) and Injury Prevention

These one-on-one sessions involve myofascial release, active release, and partner stretching techniques to assist muscle elasticity and injury prevention, while maximizing your potential. Sessions include:

  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
  • MFR (Myofascial Release)
  • ART (Active Release techniques)
  • Partner Stretching

Members, $100 | Guests, $125