We are a professional consulting company specializing in performance solutions to athletes of all abilities. Our team of professionals includes: private strength and conditioning trainers, flexibility specialists, nutritionists, massage therapists and cycling and triathlon specific coaches. Whether your goal is to compete in your first sprint triathlon, complete a century ride, podium in an IronMan or simply get in the best shape of your life, we offer services that will benefit you.

Our goal is to help you become a more efficient, more knowledgeable athlete and to provide you with information, products, and services to enhance your athleticism and performance. Our expertise stems from our education, training, and experience, which makes us unique in the cycling and triathlon industries. Through racing training and submersion in the industry, we continually evaluate and improve our protocols and programs at the highest levels. This constant improvement is done to ensure that you will receive the highest level of training and customer service available.  Select a trainer from the menu list in the left sidebar for specific information about our professionals who specialize in the following:

BreakAway Coaches

Aaron Salit:

  • Bike Tech

Jocelyn W.Ray:

  • Multisport Coaching

Jay Ridgeway:

  • Multisport Coaching

Chris Muffolette: 

  • BreakAway Associate

Eric Roodhouse: 

  • Multisport Coach

Duane Franks: 

  • Multisport Coach

David Winton:

  • Multisport Coaching

  • Diagnostic Testing

  • Strength & Conditioning